• SEMINAR: Public Safety Union Leadership: Strategies, Tips & Insights
    Februaru 11-13, 2015
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    “This material is the ‘block and tackling’ of what we do and I wish I would have gotten this class when I was just getting started.” Andrew Nash, FOP Lodge 5, Nashville, Tennessee
  • SEMINAR: Internal Affairs & Critical Incidents
    November 5-7, 2014
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    “Best course on these topics I have seen in over 30 years.” Jim Barnes, City of Elgin, Illinois
  • Will Aitchison talks about the latest topics affecting law enforcement and fire protection personnel. He also interviews labor and employment experts from across the country.

Are public safety agencies prepared for communicable disease epidemics? What sorts of questions should public safety agencies be asking about their policies? Will Aitchison discusses these issues in our latest podcast. – See more at: http://lris.com/2014/10/24/communicable-disease-policies/#sthash.RoH5YLbb.dpuf

In this month’s podcast, Will covers a federal bankruptcy judge ruling that upends the widely held belief that public workers’ pensions have a special status in California that makes them impossible to cut, further chipping away at the idea that pensions are sacrosanct in a municipal bankruptcy.