How The ADA And FMLA Interact In The Fitness-For-Duty Process

Susan White is employed as a Senior District Attorney Investigator with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office (DA). Her job includes personally serving arrest warrants, making arrests, interrogating suspects, and booking prisoners, and requires police officer certification. Beginning in late 2009, around the time of the death of her brother-in-law, White began experiencing emotional difficulties. She was observed acting erratically in the workplace, with very high emotional highs…

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From California Question: Does the FMLA restrict an employer from contacting an employee who is off on sick leave (stress) to set up a future interview date/time for an IA investigation where the employee is the subject of that investigation? Rumor is the stress medical condition is partly caused by the employee being the subject of the IA investigation. Answer: To the best of my knowledge, this issue isn’t…

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