CALIFORNIA – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department faces a recruitment crisis caused by low morale among the rank and file and “unprecedented” attrition rates, according to a report released by a public safety watchdog. The Police Assessment Resource Center, which is headed by a county-funded consultant, told the Board of Supervisors in a 149-page report that deputy morale has been battered by lingering frustration over budget cuts, a protracted two-year contract battle and the high cost of housing.

Nashville, TN – Police Officer Brian Petty has filed a lawsuit demanding he be reinstated to his job after serving a year in Iraq. Petty was told when he returned home in February that he couldn’t wear his uniform or resume working as an officer, a job he’s held for 14 years, until the Department learns more information about an investigation of Petty, conducted while he was on active duty, into whether he unlawfully possessed alcohol in Kuwait. Officials with Petty’s labor union say the case reflects a growing trend of unfair and illegal treatment of Nashville police officers returning from active-duty military service. The lawsuit also charges that the Nashville Police Department requires every officer returning from military service to undergo two days of physical and psychological evaluation before returning to police work. The suit says that practice is a violation of federal rules.

This article appears in the October 2005 issue