Arbitrator Upholds Transfer Of Canine Officer

The collective bargaining agreement between the Town of Groton, Connecticut and Council 15 of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees has a clause that allows canine officers to remain in assignments for at least three years absent “performance reasons.” When the Town removed a canine officer from his position, Council 15 challenged […]

Comprehensive ‘Status Quo’ Opinion From Florida Court

The collective bargaining agreements between the City of Gainesville, Florida and the labor unions representing police, fire, and other employees do not discuss health insurance benefits for retirees. Until 1995, the City paid 100% of retirees’ health insurance premiums for individual coverage including all premium increases occurring after retirement. In 1995, the City reduced the […]

California Court Orders Disclosure Of Retiree Names, Pension Amounts

The California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility (CFFR) filed a public records request with the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association, seeking the disclosure of the names of retirees who in any month in 2010 received $8,333 or more in pension benefits, the pension amounts, and how they were calculated. The Association argued that the records […]

Town Not Liable For Prosecution Of Police Officer

Robert Grinham was a police sergeant in the Town of Easton, Massachusetts Police Department. As a result of a beating he gave a prisoner, which was witnessed by fellow police officers, he was ultimately fired. Grinham thrice appealed his termination, and lost at every level. Grinham was indicted by a grand jury, but was acquitted […]

Volunteer Firefighter Has No Property Right To Job

Matthew Preston was a volunteer firefighter with the City of Pleasant Hill, Iowa. After questions about Preston’s medical certification were raised, the City first suspended Preston, and then placed him on two years of probation and imposed several performance requirements. Preston thought the requirements were unacceptable and sued the City, claiming his due process rights […]

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment Case Against Sheriff Heading To Trial

Toni Duncan, a corrections deputy for Dakota County, Nebraska, sued the County for hostile work environment sexual harassment. The County sought summary judgment in the case, arguing that Duncan’s evidence was insufficient to allow the case to go to trial. In opposing summary judgment, Duncan testified that rumors of sexual activity permeated the job. She […]

Corrections Officer Loses Reverse Discrimination Claim

James Finley works as a corrections officer for Camden County, New Jersey. Finley brought a reverse discrimination against the County, arguing that in several rounds of promotions, the County declined to promote him because he was Caucasian. Finley argued that the County systematically promoted less-qualified non-Caucasian candidates. A federal trial court examined the evidence and […]

Firefighter Entitled To Workers’ Compensation For Basketball Injury

Charles Leipzig started working as a firefighter for the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1990, and was promoted to the rank of captain. While Leipzig was on active duty on a 24-hour shift, he would from time to time play basketball with fellow firefighters and members of the public in a city park next to […]