Public Safety Managers in Denver and Atlantic City, NJ Resign

Denver, Colorado and Atlantic City, New Jersey both saw their Public Safety heads resign recently. Atlantic City’s Public Safety Director, Christine Petersen, stepped down over a pension dispute. Petersen was receiving a pension from her former job as a police lieutenant with the Jersey City PD. The state ruled that she was not eligible to continue receiving that pension because she did not wait at least six months after retiring before taking the Atlantic City job.

The reason behind Denver Public Safety Manager Charles Garcia’s departure is less clear. His time in his position was tumultuous – more Denver police officers were terminated for lying or use of excessive force during his tenure than at any other time in the department’s history – and his relationship with the police union was rocky at best.

“He’s single-handedly destroyed the morale and the reputation of the DPD. He’s overstepped his bounds, it’s as simple as that,” Denver Police Protective Association President Nick Rogers said.

Garcia gave no reasons for quitting, though, and has denied interview requests with local media.