Wichita FD Implements Internet Restrictions For On-Duty Employees

The Wichita Fire Department has implemented a policy restricting Internet use by on-duty employees. KSN.com posted excerpts from the policy on its website:

“Members are prohibited from accessing social networking sites, internet dating sites, and sites that host weblogs while on duty that affects the efficiency and productivity of the Wichita Fire Department.”

“Members shall not post any material on the Internet that may adversely affect the efficiency or integrity of the Wichita Fire Department.”

What do you think? Does an employer have the right to restrict an on-duty employee’s Internet use? Should an employer be able to tell an employee what he or she can post online even while off duty? Add your comment below.

Does your department have a social media policy? We’d like to see it! Send it to Marc Fuller at marc@LRIS.com.

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