New Orleans Losing Officers Faster Than It Can Replace Them, FOP Says

A recent issue of the New Orleans FOP’s newsletter says that “in the past year, the New Orleans Police Department has lost nearly 200 veteran police officers and recruits, bringing our commissioned strength to dangerously low levels.” According to an FOP spokesman, the department employs approximately 1,380 sworn officers, which is down from the preferred […]

Long Beach Firefighters Will Match Police Union’s Pension Offer

LONG BEACH, CA &#8211 Long Beach’s Firefighters Association Local 372’s president is now saying they will match a proposal by the Police Officers Association to start covering all the employee’s share of pension costs, but union officials say they want a promise that there won’t be a reduction of staffing in return. “We’re going to […]

Bankrupt Rhode Island City Wants To Pay Bond Holders, But Not Pensioners

CENTRAL FALLS, RI &#8211 When the small, beleaguered city of Central Falls, R.I., filed for bankruptcy this month, it sought to cut the pension checks it has been sending its retired police officers, firefighters and other workers by as much as half. All the city promises now is that its retirees, many of whom do […]

NY Times Story On Phoenix PD Tattoo Policy

PHOENIX, AZ &#8211 Police department tattoo policy is a hot topic right now. The New York Times recently ran an article on the Phoenix PD’s new policy on tattoos. Because of the intense Arizona heat, Phoenix police officers won’t be required to completely cover their tattoos as they are in many other departments. Starting August […]