National FOP Urges Members To Boycott

The National FOP approved a resolution at its national conference in Salt Lake City, Utah last week urging members to boycott the law enforcement website, calling the site “controversial, divisive, and harmful to FOP business.” This resolution follows a similar action taken by the Florida FOP.

According to its website, has the largest law enforcement message board in the world. The message board is a place for law enforcement officers to exchange ideas, vent and gossip.

Florida FOP President, Jim Preston, who is also a co-founder of the website, says that the action was taken because “a couple of the members from Miami Beach felt that it was detrimental to our organization.” He said union officials complained that “their own people were posting things on the website that talked about active investigations, labor negotiations, that talked about the leadership” of the union and other issues. Preston did not give his own opinion on the resolution.

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