Scranton lays off firefighters, police

SCRANTON, PA – Mayor Chris Doherty announced the elimination of eight firefighters and 13 police officers on Friday as the city faces “dire economic circumstances.”

Cuts are effective on Aug. 29.

After several months of allowing a budget proposed and passed by Scranton City Council to work its course, Doherty said Friday that the fiscal plan wasn’t working.

“I vetoed that budget because I had many concerns about the revenue stream that was coming in,” he said.

Specifically, council reduced real estate taxes by 10.55 percent and business privilege and mercantile taxes by 25 percent, producing a shortfall of $2 million in revenue, according to Doherty.

The city will save approximately $225,000 this year from the reductions in police and fire staff. In addition, an administrative fire captain, fire inspector and fire prevention officer will lose their titles and resume roles in fire suppression at their current salaries.

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