City Must Pay Police $825,000 More For Overtime Mistake

PITTSBURGH, PA &#8211 The city of Pittsburgh must pay its police officers a total of $825,000 following a judge’s decision today that it ignored, for years, an arrangement with their union that boosted overtime pay. U.S. District Judge Donetta W. Ambrose held a non-jury trial on the issue in May, and after a review of […]

Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley To Lose Half His Bodyguards

CHICAGO &#8211 Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife will have to make due with half as many city-paid bodyguards as they’re used to. Current mayor Rahm Emanuel is cutting the security detail from six to three police officers. FOP President Mike Shields doesn’t think Emanuel has gone far enough. Because of a […]

New Details Reveal Long Beach Police Pension Deal Savings

LONG BEACH, CA &#8211 A pension deal negotiated between the city of Long Beach, California and its police officers will save at least $16.6 million through 2016 and $69 million over the next 11 years. The new deal would change the current 3%-at-50 formula to 2%-at-50, meaning officers would get two percent of salary per […]

Investigation Is Launched Into NOPD’s Paid Details

NEW ORLEANS, LA &#8211 The Public Integrity Bureau of the New Orleans Police Department is investigating whether or not police officers have been accepting cash payments for off-duty work. Earlier this year, about a dozen officers were suspended and their detail privileges revoked because they were using LLC’s to manage off-duty work. The paid detail […]

Tulsa Firefighters Union Hits Campaign Trail Despite Mayor’s Directive

TULSA, OK &#8211 The Tulsa Firefighters believe they have found a way around Mayor Dewey Bartlett’s executive order prohibiting public employees from campaigning in city elections. They have enlisted retired firefighters, friends, family and out-of-town firefighters to campaign on their behalf. “We don’t believe that we’re doing anything shady or out-of-line here. We’re simply just […]