Buffalo’s Police Union President For Last 23 Years Is Stepping Down

BUFFALO, NY &#8211 The Buffalo News reports that after 23 years, Robert Meegan will retire from the Buffalo Police and as police union president at the end of the year. During Meegan’s tenure as president, Buffalo police officers have seen wages tripled, hours shortened and a seniority system instituted for bidding for positions.

From the news story:

Some on the management side of the fence are inclined to say good riddance or worse, but the police who have benefited from Meegan’s tenacious approach &#8211 using whatever he had at his disposal, from binding arbitration to the court system, to defend officers &#8211 are sure to miss him.

One former police commissioner who declined to be interviewed used foul language to describe Meegan. Other officials who came in contact with Meegan laughed wryly when asked for their opinions on him and declined to comment.

Some were philosophical. “Meegan was a tenacious advocate for his members. He fought tooth and nail, and was relentless. However, when we had a deal, he kept it, and his word was his bond,” said former Mayor Anthony M. Masiello.

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