Investigation Is Launched Into NOPD’s Paid Details

NEW ORLEANS, LA &#8211 The Public Integrity Bureau of the New Orleans Police Department is investigating whether or not police officers have been accepting cash payments for off-duty work. Earlier this year, about a dozen officers were suspended and their detail privileges revoked because they were using LLC’s to manage off-duty work. The paid detail policy has been under scrutiny and is in the process reformation since a U.S. Department of Justice report blasted the process last year.

The current investigation was launched after the Tenessee Titans alerted Police Chief Ronal Serpas that they were requested to make a check out to “cash.” The officer who oversaw the escort is now under investigation and has been reassigned.

Raymond Burkart III, an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police says don’t rush to judgment.

“Just because there’s an investigation going on doesn’t mean they’ve done anything wrong, just something they’re looking into,” Burkart III said.


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