St. Louis Police Association to Re-Do election

ST. LOUIS, MO &#8211 The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that the St. Louis Police Officers Association will re-do a recent election because the results have been tainted.

In a memo to association leaders obtained by the paper, the organization’s attorney, Neil Bruntrager wrote: “There were no controls over the ballots and ballot tampering or stuffing could not be determined.”

About 30 returned envelopes and 10 ballots were found in the desk of the union’s secretary, who had been fired for personnel reasons before the discovery. Some members had complained about receiving multiple ballots and others said they had never received any.

“Our accountant couldn’t fathom why anyone outside their office would have those in their possession,” association business manager Jeff Roorda said. “There is no way to know how many return envelopes and ballots were out there and used to return fraudulent ballots. If they had 30 they could have had 300.”

“The controls that should have been in place to reconcile the envelopes that were returned against a list of people they were sent to doesn’t exist,” Roorda said.

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