Officer Loses Union Discrimination Claim

John Zumwalt was a police officer with the City of Wentsville, Missouri Police Department. As a police officer, Zumwalt had a history of engaging in hostile and aggressive conduct and using abusive and profane language directed at citizens and fellow police officers. In 2006, as a result of a complaint filed by a fellow police […]

Deputies Not Entitled To Compensation For Commuting Time

The Fresno County, California Sheriff’s Department operates a “Take-Home Patrol Vehicle Program,” pursuant to which deputies are allowed to commute to and from their residences to their duty assignments in a patrol vehicle assigned to them. Participation in the program is voluntary. Participants in the program are not compensated for the time spent commuting to […]

Because of Wording In Contract, Merit Pay Increases Cease With Expiration Of Contract

When a collective bargaining agreement expires, the usual rule is that an employer is obligated to maintain the status quo with respect to wages, hours, and other mandatorily negotiable working conditions. A fairly extensive body of case law has established that step increases are considered to be a “wage” that must be maintained after the […]

Arbitrator Has Authority To Award Pension Credit To Discharged Deputy

Ted Goldstein is a deputy sheriff with the Oakland County, Michigan Sheriff’s Department. Goldstein was accused of misconduct at work and was terminated by the Department. The Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association challenged the termination in arbitration. The Arbitrator found that the most serious allegations of misconduct against Goldstein were false, and he concluded that […]

Written Reprimand Is Arbitrary and Capricious

Chinh Nguyen is a sergeant in the New Orleans Police Department. One of the job responsibilities of sergeants is to perform a “daily lock” and a certification of the “the book,” which is a part of the payroll system. Nguyen failed to perform these two tasks on September 16, 2009. The Department issued him a […]

Las Vegas police union eliminates longevity pay for future hires in new two-year agreement

LAS VEGAS, NV &#8211 Future members of Nevada’s largest police union no longer will receive automatic longevity pay increases under a new labor contract approved Monday, but current members will continue to get pay raises despite lean times for local governments. The Metropolitan Police Committee on Fiscal Affairs voted unanimously to approve a new two-year […]

Disqualification From Single Police Sergeant Job Does Not State ADA Claim

William Martinsky was a sergeant employed by the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut Police Department. On June 11, 2007, Martinsky was involved in an off-duty dispute concerning a restaurant business he owned with another sergeant. The incident culminated with Martinsky’s arrest for larceny in the fifth degree. After his arrest, Martinsky began to suffer from acute […]

Sick Leave Buyback Payments Can Be At Previous Year’s Rate

The collective bargaining agreement governing police officers working for the Borough of West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania contains a sick leave buyback clause. The contract allows police officers to accumulate up to 480 hours of sick leave. If an officer’s accumulation exceeds 480 hours, the contract requires the Borough to buy back five days of sick leave […]