Sergeants’ Union announce plans to sue occupy wall street demonstrators

NEW YORK, NY &#8211 A police officer’s union put Occupy Wall Street on notice today by saying that they will pursue legal claims against any protesters who injure any of its members “In light of the growing violence attendant to the ‘Occupy’ movements across the country, particularly as evidenced by the recent events in Oakland, […]

Chicago Fire Chief opposes cutting firefighters per truck

CHICAGO, IL &#8211 Touching on what could become a hot-button issue in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s upcoming negotiations with the firefighters union, Fire Commissioner Robert Hoff said Tuesday that fire-related fatalities would rise if the city reduces the number of firefighters per truck. Hoff said he is “adamant” in his opposition to lowering the minimum staffing […]

State ends special prison guard overtime rules

MADISON, WI &#8211 Governor Scott Walker’s new pay plan for state employees would end a unique overtime benefit for Wisconsin prison workers. For years guards who called in sick and then worked the next shift got regular pay for one shift and time-and-a-half for the other. The Walker pay plan, announced yesterday, would grant regular […]

Former Raleigh police union head sues department over his firing

RALEIGH, NC &#8211 The former president of the Raleigh police union has filed suit against the department claiming he was unfairly targeted in an internal investigation that resulted in the loss of his job. Former police Sgt. Rick Armstrong’s lawsuit also names Chief Harry Dolan and the city of Raleigh. It was filed this morning […]