City hires attorney to investigate police chief

ADAMS, WI &#8211 City officials have hired an attorney to investigate officer allegations against the police chief, but they have taken no official action since the police union made its complaints public.

On Sept. 13, members of the Adams Professional Police Association sent a letter of no confidence to Adams officials, asking them to remove Chief Todd Hanson from office. On Wednesday, City Administrator Robert Ellisor said officials are working on the issue.

Among the allegations, union members said Hansen ordered officers to make illegal traffic stops, threatened to leave a violent patient unattended at a hospital, didn’t back officers up on calls and told an officer he didn’t hire a female applicant because she was too pretty.

“At this point, it’s still being dealt with internally, with assistance from the labor attorney the city has retained,” Ellisor said.

The Adams City Council has met in closed session on the issue to get updates from the attorney, who has done interviews with various people involved in the situation, Ellisor said.

After reviewing the situation and consulting with the attorney, city officials determined the Police Department would continue to operate as it has until officials finish their investigation and fact finding efforts, Ellisor said.

Union President and Adams police officer Brook Wormet said Wednesday, he had nothing new to say on the situation. Officers are waiting for officials to finish their investigation.

In a five-page letter dated Sept. 13, union members listed 17 “actions or inactions” of the chief that officers say were against laws or policies.

The letter stated: “Whenever someone questions and challenges him on their reasoning of these conflicts, he unfortunately and unprofessionally becomes condescending and contemptible to them while conveying his justifications for his actions.”

At the time the letter was sent out, Wormet said it was a last resort for the three-member union.

Hansen did not return a message left with Ellisor on Wednesday.

From The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

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