Police union loses court bid over lineup photos

CHICAGO, IL &#8211 The Fraternal Order of Police lost its bid in court Tuesday to immediately yank from the Chicago Sun-Times website photo lineups that include the names and faces of police officers with former Mayor Richard Daley’s nephew and friends.

The Sun-Times published the photos in Monday’s paper with an article about how the lineups were conducted. The lineups included several police officers, then-Mayor Daley’s nephew, Richard J. Vanecko. Vanecko has been accused of punching David Koschman in 2004. Koschman died 11 days later from brain injuries.

Monday’s story prompted the FOP to sue both the city and the Sun-Times, alleging violation of the officers’ privacy and endangering the safety of the officers. Ultimately, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hyman — citing First Amendment privileges and an opinion from Attorney Lisa Madigan stating the photos are part of the public record — ruled against an FOP request for a temporary restraining order.

He told the attorneys that it’s the “duty” of journalists to “shine a light” on matters in a fair and objective manner.

“That’s what was done here,” Hyman said, noting that the FOP didn’t make a detailed case about the danger posed to officers by publishing their photos or why the photos should be kept under wraps.

The lawsuit, however, is still in place and a hearing is scheduled for Monday.

From The Chicago Sun-Times.

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