Under Contract, Retiree Health Benefits Can Be Tied to Those Provided Active Employees

For more than 20 years and over the span of approximately 60 collective bargaining agreements, the City of Duluth entered into language calling for the provision of retiree health care coverage to its police officers, firefighters, and other employees. Two contract clauses cover the issue of retiree health care. The first clause, which nominally covered […]

Firefighter’s Past Practice Claim Subject To Arbitration

Homero Mojica is a firefighter for the City of Laredo, Texas, and is represented by International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1390. In its 2009-2010 budget, the City did not allocate funds for the purchase of all City employees’ accumulated sick leave. Up until that year, the City had regularly bought back unused sick leave […]

Names Of Officers Involved In Shootings Not Protected From

On December 12, 2010, Long Beach police officers shot and killed Douglas Zerby, an intoxicated, unarmed 35-year-old man who was carrying a garden hose nozzle that officers mistook for a gun. Following the shooting, a reporter made a public records act request to the City seeking the names of the officers involved in the shooting. […]

GPS Surveillance In Discipline Cases

The United States Supreme Court recently made headlines with its ruling in United States v. Jones, a criminal case involving the use of a GPS locator on a criminal defendant’s car. The case started in 2004, when Antoine Jones, owner and operator of a nightclub in the District of Columbia, came under suspicion of trafficking […]

Connecticut lawmaker seeks trooper staffing compromise

HARTFORD, CT &#8211 A legislative leader says he hopes to broker a compromise regarding Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposal to end a mandate requiring the Connecticut State Police to have a minimum of 1,248 troopers on staff. Rep. Stephen Dargan, co-chairman of the General Assembly’s Public Safety Committee, said Tuesday that he plans to work […]

Battle Over Public Employee Rights In Arizona Heats Up Even More

The battle over government employee unions in Arizona is far from finished. As Republican lawmakers marched forward Tuesday on a bill that was previously thought to be dead, two major national groups on opposite sides of the issue were calling in reinforcements. At the center of the fight is a series of bills designed to […]

Sergeant Can’t Resist Racial Humor, Loses Job

Rodney Hicok was a sergeant with the Iowa Department of Public Safety. Hicok’s troubles started in January 2009, when he received an email entitled “FW: The new fashion statement for mug shots!” The email featured 15 mug shots of suspects wearing various versions of tee-shirts in support of President Barack Obama. Twelve of the 15 […]

Airport Firefighters Are Covered By FLSA’s Section 207(k) Exemption

Section 207(k) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows a public safety employer to treat firefighters and law enforcement officers differently than other employees for purposes of calculating FLSA overtime. Under Section 207(k), an employer can use a “work period” of between seven and 28 days in length in lieu of a “workweek.” The […]