Toledo denies firefighter union’s push for public negotiations

TOLEDO, OH &#8211 A public meeting that the Toledo firefighter’s union hoped would resolve a contract dispute has been denied.

Local 92 wrote a letter to the city asking for permission to invite media and area residents to mediate the fact finding meeting. The union is fighting the Bell administration’s push to increase employee health care contributions and pensions.

But city spokesman Jen Sorgenfrei told The Blade that a public meeting would be against the law.

“Under the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code, union negotiations are between the two negotiating parties and fact-finding is not a public process,” she said. “Ohioans in November said they wanted to uphold the current collective bargaining law as it stands. We’re going to follow the wishes of the voters.”

Union president Wayne Hartford maintains the increased costs would cut the firefighters’ pay by 14.5 percent.


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