Brownsville police start 4/10s

BROWNSVILLE, TX &#8211 The Brownsville police department has shifted its patrol division to a new work schedule that increases the hours in the workday but then gives the officers a three-day weekend – a move officials say cuts down on overtime costs and increases police presence on the street. In mid-January, the department switched from […]

Cincinnati Police trade wage freeze for off-duty work fee

CINCINNATI, OH &#8211 Cincinnati police officers agreed to a wage freeze through May 2014 in a deal that would kill a controversial fee for off-duty work. The contract extension, which must be approved by City Council, also would make officers pay for their union president’s full salary. Now, that cost is divided by the union […]

Judge allows release of disciplined Seattle police officers’ names

SEATTLE, WA &#8211 Overturning an arbitrator, a King County judge Tuesday ruled that the names of Seattle police officers disciplined for misconduct may be released under public-disclosure requests. At issue was whether the names must be disclosed under the Public Records Act or kept confidential under the city’s collective-bargaining agreement with the Seattle Police Officers’ […]