Santa Ana disbands Fire Department in bid to rescue budget

SANTA ANA, CA &#8211 The Santa Ana firehouse on Walnut Street is dotted with reminders of the department’s proud 128-year history. A fire alarm telegraph system from 1924 takes up the back wall of the upstairs living room. Downstairs in the garage, the department’s first motorized pumping engine from 1921 is dwarfed by the modern […]

UC Davis pepper spray report delayed as police union threatens legal action

Facing threat of legal action by the union for University of California, Davis, campus police, officials scrapped plans to release a report today on the November pepper spraying of students and protesters in the UC Davis quad. The report, the result of months of investigation by the security and investigations firm Kroll, was to be […]

Detroit Headed For Negative Bank Balance Within Weeks

DETROIT, MI &#8211 Under Michigan law, an emergency manager has the authority to lay off or cut the pay of employees, outsource services, merge and reorganize departments, overturn ordinances, alter the budget, cancel vendor contracts, sell city assets and abandon labor agreements. Unfortunately, the person tasked with navigating a distressed city around fiscal ruin does […]