Anonymous Blog Details Effects Of Budget Cuts On LAFD

LOS ANGELES, CA &#8211 Although Firegate just erupted in the public square this week, local firefighters have been watching the downward spiral of their Los Angeles City Fire Department with every whack to its budget. An anonymous blog was created in summer 2011. It encouraged firefighters to… … “anonymously share your stories on the […]

Indiana police fear state’s new ‘right to resist’ law

Gov. Mitch Daniels is warning Hoosiers that a new Indiana law meant to protect citizens from an illegal intrusion by police is no green light to resist law enforcement. Police, though, fear it will lead to just that. The law, passed by lawmakers who were outraged by a controversial Indiana Supreme Court decision, allows people […]

Trooper applicants must share websites

Anyone seeking to become a Virginia state trooper must make available the contents of his or her social media accounts — including private profiles — as part of the department’s extensive background-screening process. Applicants are not required to provide usernames or passwords, but they must log in to their social networking sites and allow a […]

Dispute Over Retirement Changes In San Jose Police, Fire Heads To Court

SAN JOSE, CA &#8211 Attorneys for the San Jose Police Officers’ Association on Monday elaborated on two lawsuits they filed against the city of San Jose — one that seeks to force the city back to the bargaining table and another that alleges the city violated the union’s contract by trying to change retirement benefits […]

Philadelphia police won’t arrest retiree who wore uniform at occupy protest

Ray Lewis, the retired Philadelphia police captain who became a hero to the Occupy Wall Street movement, will not face legal consequences for wearing his old uniform at protests, a Police Department spokesman said Monday. “He will not be arrested,” said Lt. Raymond Evers, spokesman for Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey. “He’s exercising his First […]

Officer’s Facebook post about upside-down flag scrutinized by IA

MINNEAPOLIS, MN &#8211 A 15-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department is under investigation after he allegedly posted on his Facebook page that while on duty, he saw an upside-down American flag near a “Somali hangout spot” and demanded the owner hang the flag right-side up. “If I find it upside down the next time […]