Deputy Not Entitled To Workers’ Comp When Hit On Head By Golf Ball

Scott Beine was a deputy sheriff for the St. Charles County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department. During his employment, Beine was an active member of the St. Charles County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, a voluntary, non-profit association of sheriff’s deputies whose primary purpose was to raise money for charity and help those in need. Since 2002, the Association’s […]

Obese Corrections Officer Loses ADA Claim

For five months in 2006, Charles Lescoe was a corrections officer for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in Frackville. At the time of his employment and resignation, Lescoe weighed approximately 300 pounds and was 5’ 7” tall. To obtain employment at the DOC, Lescoe passed a number of medical and physical tests. He also participated […]

City Fails To Rebut ‘WTC Presumption’ In Cancer Claim Of Officer’s Widow

Frank Macri had been a New York City police officer for six years as of September 11, 2001, and was a first responder during the terrorist attacks. When the first tower of the World Trade Center collapsed, building debris struck Macri, knocking him to the ground and causing lacerations to his left arm, right leg, […]

Remedy For Firefighter Staffing Violation Not Payment Of Lump-Sum Overtime

The contract between the City of Ecorse, Michigan and the Ecorse Fire Fighters Union has a minimum staffing provision calling for five firefighters per shift. When the City began facing economic difficulties, it began disregarding the minimum staffing rules. The Union filed a grievance, seeking a remedy of a lump-sum overtime payment to divide among […]

Civil Service Board Has Limited Authority To Correct Sergeant Pay Variations

As put by the Tennessee Court of Appeals, “there is little rhyme or reason to the pay scale of the individuals holding the rank of sergeant in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Don Gorman, director of administration for the Sheriff, admitted that there ‘absolutely’ is a pay disparity among the class of sergeants. All corporals […]

Firefighter Union Members Potentially Subject To Fines For ‘Dual Unionism’

Prior to 2005, employees of the Metropolitan Ambulance Services Trust (MAST) in Missouri were represented by Local I-34 of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). In 2005, the IAFF President ordered the merger of Local I-34 into Local 42. The merger resulted in litigation that led to a court-ordered settlement. Employees of MAST were […]

Firefighter Union Did Not Engage In Unauthorized Practice Of Law

The Town of Little Compton, Rhode Island and the Little Compton Firefighters Local 3957 are parties to a collective bargaining agreement. In the CBA, the parties agreed to submit all grievances to arbitration rather than resort to the courts. On February 11, 2009, the Union filed two grievances against the Town, alleging that the Town […]

Canine Officer Who Kicked Dog Wins Job Back

Charles Jones went to work for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol in 1994. In May 2001, Jones was selected for the Patrol’s Canine Handler School, and assigned Ricoh, a Belgian Malinois, as his canine partner. Jones and Ricoh took part in a canine maintenance narcotics training session. When Ricoh refused to release a piece […]