Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Reassigned Pending Misconduct Investigation

Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Charles Hurley has been reassigned pending investigations into allegations of misconduct. Complaints filed with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Miami-Dade Public Schools reportedly accuse Hurley of directing officers to Baker Act rather than arrest students to make it appear that crimes have decreased under his watch. He is also […]

Philadelphia’s Fire Union Wants Three Top Fire Officials To Resign

PHILADELPHIA, PA &#8211 Local 22, the union for Philadelphia’s firefighters and paramedics, blames the recent deaths of Lt. Robert Neary and firefighter Dan Sweeney on a compilation of tactical errors. The union is calling for Commissioner Lloyd Ayers and Deputy Commissioners Ernest Hargett and John Devlin to take responsibility for those alleged errors and resign. […]

Patrol Car Cameras Receive Bumpy Reception From St. Louis Police

ST. LOUIS, MO &#8211 City police officers believe in-car cameras are being used against them, and they are trying to find ways to avoid driving cars equipped with them, according to union grievances. Emails dated April 13 from Capt. Mary Edwards-Fears to superiors and underlings reveal officers’ concerns that cameras — installed in about half […]