Nevada High Court Sides With Union, Delays Coroner’s Inquest

LAS VEGAS, NV &#8211 An emergency appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court to delay Thursday’s coroner’s inquest process has been granted.

A three-judge panel ruled that the inquest involving Eduardo Lopez-Hernandez is stayed until at least May 11.

The police union said it believes new inquest guidelines and parameters are unconstitutional because an ombudsman is provided to the deceased’s family. The union says this makes the process adversarial.

Lopez-Hernandez died in August when Nevada Highway Patrol troopers used a stun gun multiple times to subdue him.

The troopers said Lopez-Hernandez was driving erratically and he was combative when they pulled him over.

This would have been the first case to go to an inquest hearing since October. There are 18 others still pending.


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