Sheriff Fires Four Veteran Deputies For ‘Excessive Loafing’ After They Disconnect GPS Units On Cars

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL &#8211 A Sheriff in Florida fired a sergeant and three deputies and suspended two other deputies for ‘extreme loafing and idling,’ saying their laziness cheated taxpayers and endangered the public.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said the men intentionally concealed their patrol vehicles and disconnected agency-required GPS tracking devices.

They would then allegedly leave their assigned areas and go home or visit relatives.

They responded to calls if dispatched – there was no indication that any specific crimes went unaddressed – but didn’t patrol or initiate law enforcement work for hours at a time.

‘These deputies by their intentional actions essentially cheated the taxpayers out of well over $24,600′ during the last six months of 2011, said Gualtieri.

The dollar figure was calculated by multiplying the hours spent idle by the officers’ rate of pay.

All told, the three fired deputies were slacking for the equivalent of 105 eight-hour workdays, according to the sheriff.

Those fired were Deputy Kenneth L. Burroughs, 42; Deputy Robert G. Harmer, 42; Deputy Samuel Mitchem, 42; and Sgt. Christopher W. Metro, 43.

A one-day suspension went to Deputy Brian T. Clark, 40; and a 2-day suspension went to Deputy Robert J. Wojciechowski, 46.

Collectively, the four fired officers had 77 years of experience.

‘We believe our findings are a snapshot of what was going on for a longer period of time,’ Gualtieri said.

‘This is behavior that will not be tolerated, and they are being held accountable.’

From The Daily Mail.

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