St. Louis Mayor Says Police Jobs Count On Firefighter Pension Reform

ST. LOUIS, MO &#8211 The Board of Police Commissioners voted Monday to endorse Mayor Francis Slay’s proposal to spare 30 officer positions from attrition with money saved if the Board of Aldermen passes his firefighter pension reform plan. Commissioner Bettye Battle-Turner initially balked at the manpower idea. “What if the BOA doesn’t pass it? I […]

More Police Officers Use YouTube To Tell Their Own Stories

MINNEAPOLIS, MN &#8211 After a dozen Occupy Minnesota protesters were arrested at a downtown demonstration, the group quickly took to the Internet, posting video that activists said showed police treating them roughly and never warning them to leave. But Minneapolis police knew warnings had been given. And they had their own video to prove it. […]

Trouble In the New Haven Police Department

NEW HAVEN, CT &#8211 It’s the New Haven Police Union vs. New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman. Esserman has only been on the job for seven months, but members of the Police Union said he has brought the morale down so low that many officers are leaving. The police union is not holding much back […]