State Pensions Update – Pew Center On The States

There’s good, bad, and ironic news in this report. The bad news is that the collective unfunded pension liability in state pension plans has never been higher, at $1.38 trillion. The good news is that things seem to be bottoming out. The ironic news is that the best-funded state pension plan is in, of all […]

Memphis Fire Union Against Plan To Add Quints To Replace Ladder Trucks

MEMPHIS, TN &#8211 A controversy is smoldering at the Memphis Fire Department over a realignment plan officials say will improve efficiency but firefighters fear will threaten public safety. The dispute involves acquisition of two so-called “quint” fire trucks that get their name by combining five functions into one. Both a ladder truck and a pumper, […]

How Does A ‘Savings’ Clause Work?

This article appears in the July issue of our monthly newsletter, Public Safety Labor News. Almost every public safety collective bargaining agreement or memorandum of understanding has what is colloquially called a “savings clause.” The wording of savings clauses varies, but essentially the clauses “save” the remainder of the contract in the event that one […]