Scranton Mayor Unilaterally Cuts Wages Of Police, Firefighters To Minimum Wage

SCRANTON, PA &#8211 In an escalating crisis threatening the financial survival of Scranton, Mayor Chris Doherty dropped a bombshell Wednesday by unilaterally slashing the pay of nearly 400 city employees to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Faced with a growing cash crunch and headed to court today to try to force city […]

Stockton, California To Become Largest City To Declare Bankruptcy

STOCKTON, CA &#8211 Officials in Stockton said Tuesday that mediation with creditors has failed, meaning the Central California city is set to become the largest American city ever to declare bankruptcy. City Manager Bob Deis said officials were unable to reach a deal to restructure hundreds of millions of dollars of debt under a new […]

12-Hour Shifts Imposed By Financial Manager In Flint

FLINT, MI — Police this week began implementing parts of the public safety plan that city officials announced last month, putting officers on 12-hour shifts, a move that union leaders are fighting. “It’s one of those things where, obviously, we’re the most violent city in the nation, we’re already overwhelmed with calls and manpower shortages […]

Department Not ‘Immune’ From Detective’s Lawsuit

Under Ohio law, public bodies are generally entitled to immunity from liability for “intentional torts.” However, there is an exception to the immunity rule if the intentional tort occurs during the course and scope of employment. These principles were applied in a case involving former Detective Michael George, who worked for the Village of Newburgh […]

Sergeant’s Reassignment Can Amount To Demotion

In 2008, when the City of Charlotte, North Carolina Metropolitan Police Department selected Tammy Hatley and 38 other sergeants for the position “Response Area Commander,” (RAC) it held a ceremony which it called a “promotion ceremony.” At the ceremony, all 39 sergeants were presented by the Department with insignia indicating that they had been promoted […]

Q & A

From Arizona Question: Under current DOL rules and court cases can an agency tell/order an officer or civilian employee to use comp time to get below what policy says is the maximum allowed, which is far below what the FLSA prescribes? Answer: In Christensen v. Harris County, Texas, 529 U.S. 576 (2000), the Supreme Court […]

No Basis To Overturn Arbitrator’s Decision Upholding Termination Of Sergeant

Peter McKenna was a sergeant with the Albany, New York Police Department. In January 2009, police received a 911 call reporting an apparently intoxicated individual who was driving a truck at a high rate of speed through city streets, and who had nearly caused a head-on collision, swerved erratically, struck snow banks with his truck, […]

Back Pay Can Include Lost Overtime

Frazier Caudle, Nikeith Goins, William James, Sholanda Miller, and Donald Smalls were all members of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department’s First District Focus Mission Unit (FMU), a specialized plainclothes unit composed of “productive” patrol officers who “graduated to” FMU duty. Their commander decided to require the FMU officers to submit applications to remain […]