Former President Of Albuquerque Police Union Fired

ALBUQUERQUE, NM &#8211 Former Albuquerque police union president Joey Sigala was fired Thursday following a few turbulent months in which he stepped down from the union amid embezzlement allegations and was arrested on charges he beat his wife, officials said. Police Chief Ray Schultz said Sigala received his termination notice around 10 a.m. He had […]

DC Capitol Police Issue New Tattoo Rules

Note from LRIS: The new tattoo rules mentioned in this article seem fairly mainstream. Until they stray into prohibiting “body modification.” The article’s comment that other agencies prohibit “body modification” was news to me. Does anyone know of such a rule? – Will Aitchison Top U.S. Capitol Police officials want to impose stricter rules on […]

Firefighters Sue To Force Philly To Provide Raises Awarded By Arbitration Panel

PHILADELPHIA, PA &#8211 TWO WEEKS after an arbitration panel awarded the city’s firefighters raises and protections against furloughs, its union is taking the city to court to make sure the award is implemented. Bill Gault, president of Philadelphia Fire Fighter’s Union Local 22, said Tuesday that the union filed a lawsuit to “quicken the process” […]