Mayor Who Is Former Boxer May Have Punched Officer

MONTICELLO – With the police union calling for his resignation, Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins said Wednesday “the truth will come out” in his latest brush with the law.

Jenkins was arrested on Tuesday after a noon altercation outside his G-Man Beauty Supplies store on Broadway, where he reportedly threw a punch at man and by accident struck an intervening police officer in the back of the head. Officer Dave Weiner is out for the week with neck and head soreness, and is expected to be evaluated a second time on Wednesday.

Police Benevolent Association President John Riegler said Jenkins should resign from his post as mayor and as police commissioner. Jenkins heads a commission that hears complaints and is reviewing expenditures and priorities.

“This is a self-appointed police commissioner who is being arrested now for the second time after striking a police officer,” Riegler said. “He should be removed as mayor and police commissioner, which, I feel, is a joke anyway…He is a regular criminal like everyone else we deal with. We can only hope that justice is served.”

Jenkins already has a poisonous relationship with the department. Jenkins, a burly former amateur boxer, has had run-ins with individual officers and the police loathe the idea of a police commission.

Jenkins said he would not respond to Riegler’s call for his resignation.

“Me and my attorney will put a press release out in a couple days,” Jenkins said. “I will let you know the true story of what happened.”

“You will see the whole story when it comes out,” Jenkins continued. “The truth will come out.”

Jenkins was charged with misdemeanor obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct, a violation. He indicated that he will hire criminal defense attorney, Don Feerick, to represent him. Feerick represented Jenkins in high-profile trademark counterfeiting case, where he and his girlfriend, Rochelle Massey, ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanors for selling knockoff shoes.

Police say this incident began around 12:15 p.m. when Jenkins and Massey reported a disturbance. Officers cleared Daryl Fowler, 53, and Faye Browne, 43, out of the store. The argument flared up again, and Jenkins reportedly came outside and took a swing at Fowler, but hit Weiner.

From The Times Herald-Record.

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