Judge Blocks 12-Hour Shifts For Detroit Police

DETROIT, MI &#8211 A judge has blocked an attempt to move police from 8 to 12-hour shifts this week, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The city’s police union requested the injunction, which is in effect until a Aug. 22 Wayne County Circuit Court hearing.
Police Chief Ralph Godbee last week said he intended to begin using 12-hour shifts as a “tool that I can get more police officers on the street.”

“Obviously, we’re not going to get more police officers, so we have to reconfigure what we do,” Godbee said.

WJBK Fox 2 reports that the same judge also blocked planned 10 percent pay cuts for police.

Pay cuts anticipated for the rest of the city’s workers could still go into effect, but not for police, according to the Fox 2 report.

The order is based on the suspension of Michigan’s emergency manager law pending a November referendum.

From Mlive.com

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