Seattle FD Investigating Tattoo Posting On Facebook

Some are calling a Facebook photo of a Seattle Fire Department employee conduct unbecoming of a firefighter.

The Seattle Fire Department is looking into the Facebook picture, appearing to show a lieutenant on the station house floor, exposing his lower back and upper buttocks tagged with paint. The tags read, “Ladder 10,” “E 25” (for Engine 25) and “B 2” (for Battalion 2).

The photo, which has since been removed, indicated it was the lieutenant’s last day at Station 25 – with an embarrassing send-off.

The photo was sent by a KING 5 viewer, who called the image unprofessional.

It’s believed a fellow firefighter posted the picture and other firefighters “liked” it. Firefighters from the Ladder 10 truck had no comment.

The Seattle Fire Department said they were not aware of the incident initially, but are now investigating.


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