Insurance Company Drops Deputy’s Homeowner’s Insurance Because Of Police Dog

OMAHA, NE &#8211 An insurance company has canceled the homeowner’s policy of a Nebraska sheriff’s deputy, citing concerns about his police dog.

The reason doesn’t sit well with the deputy or the national law enforcement union that represents him.

Douglas County Deputy Andy Woodward says he learned months ago that American Family Insurance Co. was considering ending his policy because his K-9 dog, Diezel, lives with him in his Omaha home.

Woodward says he told his agent that the county carries liability coverage for the dog and thought the matter was settled. But earlier this month, American Family sent him a letter informing him his policy would end Dec. 19.

A member of the National Fraternal Order of Police says American Family should be prepared to be shunned by its 325,000 members.


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