The Long Road To Technology In Philadelphia PD

PHILADELPHIA, PA &#8211 On any given day, you can find a Philadelphia cop clacking away at a typewriter. He might be a detective writing a search warrant, or she could work in the Narcotics Unit and be writing a report about the drugs she just confiscated. It’s just another part of the job. Right now, […]

Missouri Supreme Court: Some St. Louis Firefighters Not Required To Live In City

ST. LOUIS, MO &#8211 The Missouri Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that firefighters with seven years on the job can move out of the city, altering a decades-old fire department residency requirement. In a 6-0 decision written by Judge Laura Denvir Stith, the state’s high court overturned a trial court and determined that the 2010 state […]

Problems In Albuquerque Police Department

ALBUQUERQUE, NM &#8211 All but three of the 456 APD officers who responded to a police union survey said morale within their department is “low,” and many added comments saying morale is at an “all-time low.” When asked what the mayor should do to improve APD, at least 80 officers – 18 percent of those […]

With Support Of Union and Employer, Florida City Votes To Disband Police Department

ST. PETE BEACH, FL — Voters approved a ballot measure on Tuesday night that would allow the City Commission to disband the town’s police department. Passed with 58 percent of the vote, the measure will end decades of home-policing by the city’s own small force, freeing the City Commission to contract out law enforcement to […]

New Orleans To Drop Use Of Pepper Spray For Tasers

NEW ORLEANS, LA &#8211 In a move tied to the federal consent decree, the NOPD is set to drop pepper spray from its arsenal, making Tasers the primary non-lethal option for officers. The plan is raising concerns. “I can’t imagine why for any given situation, the only thing you wanna be able to use is […]

Hybrid Police-Firefighters Could Patrol Michigan City’s Streets

BAY CITY, MI — Police officers cross-trained as firefighters could begin patrolling Bay City’s streets by July if the Bay City Commission OKs a proposed merge between the 43-person fire department and 52-person police force. Speaking in front of the commission at the Monday, Nov. 12, meeting, Bay City Police Chief Michael J. Cecchini and […]