Albany Police Approve Grandfathering Of Post-Retirement Medical Insurance

ALBANY, NY &#8211 The days of free lifetime health insurance for city police officers are nearing an end. The Albany Police Officers Union, which represents the city’s rank-and-file patrol officers, this week overwhelmingly ratified a contract eliminating the controversial benefit that gives officers free health care for life after eight years of service, a city […]

Facing $34 Million Deficit, Cincinnati Gives City Manager 10% Raise, Bonus

CINCINNATI, OH &#8211 The decision to give Cincinnati’s city manager a 10 percent raise – plus a $35,000 one-time payment – has irked city police and prompted complaints that, with the city facing a $34 million deficit, now is the wrong time for such a raise. City Council Thursday voted 6-2 to give Milton Dohoney […]

Lawsuit Accuses Fort Worth Of Constitutional Violations In Cutting Police Pensions

FORT WORTH, TX &#8211 Two members of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association filed suit in federal court Monday, accusing the city of contract impairment, violation of due process, unlawful taking of property and violating both the U.S. and Texas constitutions in reducing pension benefits for future service. The suit was filed in U.S. District […]

Jacksonville Declares Impasse In Pension Talks With Police Union

JACKSONVILLE, FL &#8211 Jacksonville has declared an impasse with the police union in the negotiations over changing officers’ pension benefits, citing the union’s refusal to talk. This sends the issue to a special magistrate, who will hear from both sides and then issue a non-binding recommendation for what should be done. If either the city […]

Maryland’s High Court Sides With Baltimore County Police Union In Pension Dispute

BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD &#8211 About 400 retired Baltimore County Police Department employees could see their health insurance premiums reduced and past overpayments reimbursed, after the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled Monday in favor of a grievance brought by the police union. The Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 4, filed the grievance after county […]

Dispute In Pittsburgh PD Over Order To Work Extra Hour On Bar Details

PITTSBURGH, PA &#8211 Pittsburgh police union leaders say the city owes about $100,000 in unpaid overtime to officers who stayed an extra hour while working security at bars in the South Side for the past few months. Police brass this summer ordered officers working private details for taverns until 2 a.m. to remain in the […]

Chief Paid Less Than Lieutenants

READINGTON TOWNSHIP, NJ &#8211 The township’s police chief is not only the department’s leader, he has more years on the job than his three lieutenants. But his base salary is lower, a result one committeeman said, of unions negotiating higher yearly raises than administrators. The issue was raised at the Nov. 19 Township Committee meeting. […]