Controversial Police Chief Who Resigned To Get $284,000 For Unused Time

UNION CITY, NJ &#8211 Former Union City Police Chief Charles Everett, who resigned after allegations that he was paid for “no-show” and “low-show” off-duty security details, will receive $284,000 from the city for unused vacation, sick time and comp time, Union City officials said.
Everett was hired as a Union City police officer in 1976 and retired in October 2011, just days before a report was released critical of him for alleged abuses of the security details, particularly a regular detail at the Jose Marti School. Records showed that some of the police were paid twice for the same off-duty detail.

At the time he resigned, Everett had accrued 87 days of vacation for $83,569, 199 sick days for $191,152 and $9,605 for 10 days of compensation time. The pay for the accumulated unused days is calculated by using the worker’s salary at the time of retirement.

Everett also receives a yearly pension of $146,856, according the state Department of Pension and Benefits.

“I always work to protect the taxpayer, but the city is contractually obligated to meet this payout,” said Union City Mayor Brian Stack, who is also a state senator. “I have been at the forefront of curbing the practice of issuing exorbitant payouts.”

Earlier this year Stack sponsored a bill that would end sick-time payouts for public employees. The bill, which is co-sponsored by two Republicans, would only bar payouts for sick time accrued from the date of signing. It would also prohibit public employees from carrying over vacation days from one year to the next.

“In my role as a state senator I introduced the most stringent payout-ending legislation that exists in the state legislature,” Stack said. “I look forward to advancing this legislation to stop this practice from occurring in the future.”

It was reported last year that the state Attorney General’s Office was conducting an investigation into the off-duty Union City police work for the Board of Education. In a statement yesterday, the city noted there is an ongoing criminal investigation.

“The city anticipates filing recommended disciplinary charges upon completion of investigation by an external law enforcement agency,” said Walter Timpone, an attorney hired by the city to investigate the alleged no-show/low-show details.

Everett declined to comment on the retirement payout or any possible investigation, but said “I believe that much of this has to do with political wars going on.”

Everett’s payout is just the latest in six-figure sum given to public workers upon retirement.

In 2010, Janet Passante retired as chief of staff to then-West New York Mayor Sal Vega
received $305,000 in unused sick, vacation and comp time. Former Harrison Administrative Clerk/Deputy Municipal Clerk Marion Borek retired with a check for $241,851, the bulk of it for 881 days of accumulated unused sick leave.

In 2005, Harrison gave a $305,000 payout to former Police Chief John Trucillo for unused sick and vacation time.

News12 first reported the “no-show” and “low-show” off-duty work when it aired a video of Everett working out at a Union City gym, allegedly at the same time he was getting paid to be working an off-duty detail.

From The Jersey Journal

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