Denver Police Union Billboards Urge Public To Join Discipline Fight

DENVER, CO &#8211 Denver’s police union has paid for dozens of billboards across the city that urge the public to join its fight against changes to a relatively obscure rule that governs how officers are disciplined. The billboards — 30 of them — make a flashy reference to the arcane civil-service Rule 12, which could […]

Palm Beach Firefighters Vote To Stay In Union

PALM BEACH, FL &#8211 By a vote of 24-13, the rank-and-file members of Palm Beach Fire-Rescue voted to stay in their union, unlike the town’s police officers who voted in September to leave their union. Thirty-seven out of 44 firefighter/paramedic/EMTs and driver engineers in the non-supervisory unit cast ballots over a two-day period. In the […]

Indianapolis Police, Firefighters Would Get Salary Hikes Under Tentative Deal

INDIANAPOLIS, IN &#8211 A tight budget next year has left the Indianapolis police and fire departments facing the prospect of thinning ranks, and most officers with take-home cars will pay a new fuel surcharge. But a tentative deal reached Tuesday — reviving the promise of 3 percent raises for officers and firefighters — could resolve […]