Baltimore Firefighters Opposing 24-Hour Shifts

The Rawlings-Blake administration and Baltimore’s fire unions are battling over the city’s proposal to require firefighters to work longer hours — 24 hours straight, every three days. The mayor says the move — which mirrors staffing trends in other large U.S. cities — will save millions for cash-strapped Baltimore while giving its 1,300 firefighters a […]

Retirees Must Pay Back Pension Money After Miscalculation

Matthew Kibler’s pension has become a liability for him. The retired City of Pontiac employee recently received a letter stating that he owes more than $5,000 to Pontiac’s largest pension fund. The letter said Kibler, 63, has been overpaid by $85.10 per month using an incorrect formula since he retired from the city five years […]

NYPD Issues Rules For Police Officers’ Use Of Social Media

NEW YORK, NY &#8211 Looking to avoid troublesome social media postings by its officers, the New York Police Department has issued strict guidelines and ordered its members to comb through their personal profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other Web sites to ensure they are in line with the new rules. As word of the order […]

Police Sick-Time Use Dramatically Declines With New Policies

BERGEN COUNTY, NJ &#8211 The amount of sick time taken by Bergen County Police employees decreased by 34 percent over the past year after policies were put in place to curb abuses, officials said Thursday. Brian Higgins, the county police chief, said he instituted new sick time policies with the consent of the local police […]

Judge Rules In Favor Of City On Dissolution Of Camden PD

CAMDEN, NJ &#8211 An injunction sought by Camden’s police union against a county-run force was denied in Superior Court Tuesday. Judge Faustino J. Fernandez-Vina denied the union’s request for an injunction, but declined to rule on a separate argument alleging the transition in policing doesn’t follow shared service requirements. Fernandez-Vina said he couldn’t rule on […]