San Francisco Police Officers Reject New Contract

SAN FRANCISCO &#8211 San Francisco police officers have rejected a new contract with the city that their own union leadership recommended. It was a close vote with not many members voting. Officers voted all week. The results were tallied Friday. The outcome surprised the leadership of the San Francisco Police Officers Association. “It was almost […]

Florida’s Largest Firefighters Union Votes Out Incumbent President

JACKSONVILLE, FL &#8211 In an effort to make gains with GOP leadership, the state’s largest firefighters union ousted its incumbent president during a recent meeting in Daytona Beach. By a roughly three-to-one vote, the Florida Professional Firefighters voted out Gary Rainey, who had served as president for three years, and elected Jim Tolley, who had […]

Detroit Defaults On Some Debt To Avoid Bankruptcy Filing

Detroit said on Friday it would stop making payments on some of its about $18.5 billion debt, which would put it in default, and the “insolvent” city called on most of its creditors to accept pennies on the dollar to help it avoid the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history. In a forceful opening […]

PBA President Calls Department ‘Broken,’ Pleads For Outside Intervention

EDISON, NJ &#8211 In an extraordinary cry for help, the president of Edison’s police union Tuesday called his department “broken” and pleaded for intervention from county or state law enforcement officials. Sal Della Fave, president of Policemen’s Benevolent Association Local 75, said in a letter to The Star-Ledger and in an interview that politically driven […]

Hundreds Of Florida State Prison Staffers Owed Comp Time, Back Pay

TALLAHASSEE &#8211 Florida’s prison system, still grappling with a chronic deficit, must give $600,000 in money or extra time off to hundreds of employees who were not paid for part of the time they were on duty. The Department of Corrections has agreed with the U.S. Department of Labor to provide back pay or compensatory […]