Albuquerque PD Officer Fired For Ties To Blog

ALBUQUERQUE, NM &#8211 Five years ago, officer Dawne Roberto was being called a hero for rescuing two people trapped in a burning car.

On Tuesday, Roberto was fired from her job after 14 years on the force.

While APD wouldn’t say why Roberto was let go, her attorney John D’Amato says it’s all because of ties to the “Eye On Albuquerque” blog , a blog that’s been highly critical of APD brass and Mayor R.J. Berry’s administration.

D’Amato says Roberto severed all ties with the blog two years ago and told APD who the people behind the site were. He says she never wrote anything disparaging for the blog. Even so, D’Amato says Roberto’s work computer was taken to see if she was working on “Eye On Albuquerque” on the clock and she was fired for “being untruthful” and violating APD’s social media policy.

The APD’s social media policy was established two years ago after officer Trey Economidy came under fire for listing his Facebook occupation as “human waste disposal.”

Economidy was suspended for those comments, but Detective Pete Dwyer was fired for similarly controversial comments made on Myspace and Twitter.

APD Chief Ray Schultz has previously defended the policy as necessary, but on Tuesday, Albuquerque Police Officers Association president Stephanie Lopez said that policy has been applied inconsistently.

“I’ve seen officers that have received a huge suspension from social media sites and then I’ve seen other officers that have received 20 to 30 hours of suspension if anything at all,” Lopez said.

The union will appeal Roberto’s firing.

“Eye On Albuquerque” has mentioned Roberto in two of its postings, the most recent time two years ago.


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