Pink Shirt Debate In Florida Fire Department

MELBOURNE, FL &#8211 First, Florida’s Melbourne Fire Department ordered professional-looking pink polo shirts in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then, they were ordered by their chief not to wear them. Now the firemen are looking for an answer as to why they can’t support the cause. They’re pink, they’re bright, and they were purchased […]

Scranton Police/Fire Unions Get $21M Judgment Against City; May Seize Assets

SCRANTON, PA &#8211 Scranton’s police and fire unions have received a judgment against the city for the overdue $21 million that the city owes the unions from a landmark arbitration ruling. The money was due July 2, but the city has not yet paid and is still seeking borrowing or selling an asset to honor […]

After Scandals, Aggressive Police Union Law Firm To Dissolve

An Upland-based law firm known for its aggressive representation of cops and their unions has decided to dissolve the business after a series of scandals and a lawsuit filed by a pair of Costa Mesa council members who alleged the firm was harassing them for political gain. Lackie, Dammeier, McGill & Ethir was also dropped […]

Police Chief Who Threatened To Shoot “Libtards” In YouTube Videos To Be Fired

GILBERTON, PA &#8211 It’s not the end of Mark Kessler as borough police chief here. But it likely was the beginning of the end. The council voted 6-1 tonight to suspend their potty-mouthed police chief, pending his termination. The language of the motion, made by Mayor Mary Lou Hannon, was steeped in legalese, and she […]

Firefighters’ Union Challenges Oklahoma’s New Workers Comp Law

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK &#8211 Two lawmakers and the head of a firefighters’ union have challenged a highly touted workers compensation reform law passed earlier this year. The suit was filed Tuesday with the Oklahoma Supreme Court, asking the court to assume original jurisdiction in determining the constitutionality of Senate Bill 1062. The measure changed the […]