Denver Police Union Warns Members Not To Talk To Media

The Denver Police Protective Association, which represents most of Denver’s nearly 1,500 police officers, has issued an advisory to its members to not leak information to reporters.

“Once the media makes it a story, the facts can be twisted, inaccurate, incomplete, misquoted and the public has a misperception of the issue, the situation, and basically who we are and what we do,” reads the email that was sent out Tuesday morning.

A copy of the email was leaked to CBS4 by several police officers.

“However, you must be careful with whom you share your frustrations,” cautions the PPA email. “Sharing information with the media can, at times, handicap an amicable resolution of an issue for the administration, the Mayor, and even this Association. Sharing information with the media can exacerbate and officer’s discipline. Sure, we want to vent; we want to scream and tell the world of injustice. Please think before you do.”

The blast email concludes with the admonition that, “It’s difficult but sometimes indeed it is true, patience is a virtue.”

Read the complete email here that was sent to all Denver police officers.


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