First Thursday, November 2013

[jwplayer file=”010_first_thurs.m4a?Expires=1550104028&Signature=ePF36NoW1dK7XBDkKOEMvpQc7dr60bxnghXFy2vkFZgtJ0NUL9ZeJiznb4ssPHjVPkcU0PazbgWmekmb1r-xM7CsvXxhMEVUEbgCI1N0O8UG4wKU6C2xiU~0tdEhyIH5rxrmLXhHBKAi3odSVxHaFVmqAkQCRSdNULaxP5gwhMQ_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJIHMHD36AUGYELAQ” streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp” image=””] Download the podcast (Use this link to listen on Apple devices) Subscribe to this podcast via RSS or iTunes Subscribe to this podcast by email Featured in this month’s podcast: New California statute protects against Brady List abuses Another arbitrator weighs in on Brady List and discipline Heart-lung presumption applies […]

Police Union Leaders Cleared In Beer Sales

STOCKTON, CA &#8211 A pair of Stockton police union leaders have been cleared of insubordination charges three years after a flare-up with then-Police Chief Blair Ulring over their role in selling beer for charity at a weekend motorcycle race held at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds. Officer Steve Leonesio, past president of the Stockton Police […]

South Carolina Police Chief Under Fire For Post On Facebook

COLUMBUA, SC &#8211 A South Carolina police chief has come under fire after he suggested that a man who took to Facebook to criticize the department’s law enforcement tactics might be a criminal. “Thank you for sharing your views and giving us reasonable suspicion to believe you might be a criminal,” interim Police Chief Ruben […]

Jury Finds Age Bias In S.F. Firefighters’ Test

SAN FRANCISCO, CA &#8211 A San Francisco jury awarded 15 firefighters a total of $3.7 million Monday after agreeing that the Fire Department had discriminated against them based on their age when they were judged to have failed a promotional exam for lieutenant five years ago. The firefighters – three of whom have retired – […]