Labor Board Rules D.C. Fire Chief Can Change Schedules

WASHINGTON< DC &#8211 District of Columbia Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe has won a key battle in his long-running effort to change firefighters’ work schedules. Firefighters in the city work 24-hour shifts, with three days off in between. Ellerbe wants to change the schedule so that firefighters work three 12-hour day shifts followed by three 12-hour […]

South Carolina Police Officer Loses Facebook Firing Suit

A federal judge has ruled against a former police officer who argued in a lawsuit that Greenville officials violated her free speech rights by firing her over comments posted on a social networking site. Former Sgt. Susan Graziosi was fired in May 2012 after publishing posts on Facebook criticizing Police Chief Freddie Cannon’s decision not […]

Police Union Sides With Chief, Speaks Out Against Wilmington Mayor

WILMINGTON, DE &#8211 The union representing Wilmington police officers is calling out Mayor Dennis Williams after he threatened leadership changes within the Wilmington Police Department. With the increase of violent crimes and murders within the city, Mayor Williams said on WDEL-AM radio last week that things need to change within the department or he’ll “be […]

NY Corrections Union Launches Statewide Campaign On Prison Closures

NEW YORK &#8211 A new advertisement from the New York correctional officers union takes aim at Gov. Andrew Cuomo, knocking the governor for his administration’s plan to close 17 state facilities within the coming years — including four prisons. The New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association ad tries to make the case […]

First Thursday Podcast For December

[jwplayer file=”011_first_thurs.m4a?Expires=1575569079&Signature=MLFLEQVWAVWx9QLs-~uCozJ0HZksJfSLHKNgoKtpG0ih~GIbZu7mpX8DNI-zA-qMVlvRRKAXxVyJQnNCNcvwzJgKNFI-Sl2jKBFad9-lMnMNM4vI3rH2QIH~xpnFvJKMZTi4UMsNYPE1bgvIEdq6T8ca8gElL2UTCQJZ7DPloTQ_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJIHMHD36AUGYELAQ” streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp” image=””] Download the podcast (Use this link to listen on Apple devices) Subscribe to this podcast via RSS or iTunes Subscribe to this podcast by email We’re big on facial hair here at LRIS headquarters, but that’s not the only reason it features prominently in this month’s podcast. Rules on facial […]

DOJ Probing Rhode Island Corrections Hiring Practices

CRANSTON, RI &#8211 Officials from the R.I. Department of Corrections will be traveling to Washington, D.C., on Monday to meet with lawyers from the federal government over an investigation into hiring practices at the prison that may be unfair to minority candidates, the Target 12 Investigators have learned. Susan Lamkins, RIDOC’s chief of information, said […]