First Thursday, December 2013

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We’re big on facial hair here at LRIS headquarters, but that’s not the only reason it features prominently in this month’s podcast. Rules on facial hair represent just one of several employer policies that can have a constitutional or protected class impact.

This month’s podcast also features the following non-beard-related topics:

  • No Free Speech Violation Posed By Ban On Releasing PD Materials While Criminal Investigation Active
  • Arbitrator’s Sexual Harassment Opinion Upheld
  • Arbitration Decisions And Civil Rights Litigation
  • Demotion, Not Termination, Usually The Appropriate Punishment For Supervisory Failures
  • Conviction Of Misdemeanor Crime Of Domestic Violence Extinguishes Due Process Rights
  • State Police Successfully Opposes Troopers PTSD Claim
  • No Violation To Freeze Pension When Retired Firefighter Elected To City Council
  • Discussion on the Consumer Price Index