Dallas Police Chief Fires Officers On Social Media

DALLAS, TX &#8211 A Dallas police chief apparently decided that simply firing his officers for poor behavior wasn’t enough — he needed to publicly shame them. David O. Brown took to Twitter and Facebook on Dec. 30 to explain why he was terminating five of his officers and demoting another. “I have terminated 911 Call […]

FEMA Recommends Bulletproof Vests For Firefighters, Medical Technicians

In case of mass shootings or bombings, firefighters and emergency crews across the country are being trained to not wait for an “all-clear” signal before rushing in to help. Instead they’re supposed to go in after the first-responders and to be accompanied by law enforcement as they treat and remove the wounded, even if the […]

State Police Union Wants Part Of 43-Year-Old Attica Report Sealed

ALBANY, NY &#8211 The union representing state troopers went to court Friday to ask a state judge to block release of secret documents that might shed more light into the state’s handling of the Attica prison uprising 43 years ago. The union wants a judge in Wyoming County to keep sealed the final two volumes […]

D.C. Firefighters Placed in Neighborhoods to Deter Crime

WASHINGTON, DC &#8211 Firefighters will be positioned on the streets of a Northeast D.C. neighborhood as part of a city strategy to fight crime, but some say the plan could backfire. At least one fire engine and five firefighters will be posted in the Trinidad neighborhood during late night hours, per an order issued by […]