$680K ADA Judgment Upheld For Officer

Mickel Hoback was a police officer with the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee. After starting work for the City, Hoback enlisted in the military. He served in Iraq for over a year, returning to the Department in late November 2005. At some point after returning from Iraq, Hoback was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Hoback received […]

Affair Is Not Matter Of Public Concern

David Lightfoot was a police officer in the Town of Prosper, Texas from 2002 until December 2010. In 1999, Lightfoot married Amy Bockes, the administrative assistant to the Police Chief. Bockes later began to have an affair with Assistant Chief Gary McHone. When Lightfoot learned of the affair, he went to the Chief to address […]

NYPD’s No-Beards Policy Falls Because Of Inconsistent Administration

Fishel Litzman, a probationary officer with the New York Police Department, follows the rules and traditions of the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community, and his Orthodox Jewish faith prohibits him from cutting or trimming his facial hair. His facial hair naturally grows out to be one inch from his skin. NYPD’s Patrol Guide Procedure 203-07 generally […]

Conviction Of Misdemeanor Crime Of Domestic Violence Extinguishes Due Process Rights

William Arganda was employed as a peace officer by the City of Westminster, California. Following an internal investigation, Arganda was served with a Notice of Intent to Terminate on August 11, 2009, for multiple violations of Department policy involving unauthorized use of the law enforcement data system for personal business. After a pre-disciplinary hearing, the […]

Delay In Start Of Interrogation Caused By Officers, Not Department

California’s Public Safety Officers Bill of Rights Act requires that a disciplinary interrogation be conducted “at a reasonable hour” and “at a time when the public safety officer is on duty, or during normal waking hours” unless the “seriousness of the investigation requires otherwise.” A recent case from the Los Angeles Police Department dealt with […]

Court Refuses To Issue Promotion TRO In Jacksonville FD

The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit in April 2012 alleging that the process used by the City of Jacksonville, Florida to promote certain ranks of firefighters discriminated against African-Americans. Among the allegations, the DOJ claimed that the 2004 and 2008 testing processes used to promote fire suppression captains were discriminatory. When the City […]

Miami Allowed To Reduce Wages, Eliminate Benefits, And Modify Pensions

Lodge 20 of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) represents Miami’s rank-and-file police officers. On July 28, 2010, while the parties were engaged in negotiations for a successor agreement, the City declared a “financial urgency” and invoked a process set forth in an unusual Florida statute. The statute provides that in the event “of a […]

Detroit Pensions Not Protected By Constitution In Bankruptcy

The fallout from the economic collapse in late 2007 continues. The recent filing by the City of Detroit for bankruptcy protection is the largest public sector bankruptcy petition ever filed. Looming in the background was Michigan’s Public Law 436, which granted the City consent to seek bankruptcy protection from pension obligations. At risk were the […]

Police Union Wants Google To Reveal Poster Of FOP Meetings On Youtube

Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police is asking Google to reveal the identity of whoever posted recordings of two heated FOP meetings on YouTube, saying they violated state law. FOP attorneys have filed a petition in Cook County Circuit Court to learn the “account information of the person or persons who authored and published a video […]

Union Sues Milwaukee Sheriff Over Official’s Promotion

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, WI &#8211 The deputies union has filed a lawsuit over Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.’s promotion of Nancy L. Evans as a captain in the department. The union claims the promotion was illegal because Evans lacked law enforcement certification and because Clarke didn’t file a required notice of a job vacancy […]

$36 Million In Cuts Proposed For Memphis Police And Fire Departments

MEMPHIS, TN &#8211 The City of Memphis is considering $36 million in cuts to the police and fire departments over the next five years. The proposal is drawing mixed reviews. Memphis police officers will feel the brunt of the city’s proposed public safety overhaul. The city’s strategic fiscal and management plan found uniformed officers are […]

Houston Files Suit To Gain Control Over Firefighter Pension Plan

HOUSTON, TX &#8211 Mayor Annise Parker announced Wednesday the city is suing the firefighters’ pension fund in an effort to gain greater control and limit rising contribution costs. Parker has twice failed to persuade state legislators to grant her local negotiating authority over the firefighters’ pension as she has with police and municipal pensions. The […]