Monterey Police Chief Decries Survey Release

MONTEREY, CA &#8211 An officers’ survey critical of department leadership should never have been released to the media, Monterey Police Chief Phil Penko and two police union heads said in a joint press release on Tuesday.

Calling the leak “disappointing and unacceptable,” Penko released the statement along with Monterey Police Officers Association president Gabe Kaster and Police Lieutenants’ Management Association president Jeff Jackson.

The purpose of the survey was to provide Penko with “a framework that would afford the union and management an opportunity to work collectively on improving the relationship between both,” the statement reads. “Releasing the survey was premature and counterproductive to this effort.”

The Herald received a copy of the survey’s final report to Penko on Monday.

Of 30 Monterey officers surveyed by their union in January, 21 said they were “very dissatisfied” with the department, and seven said they were “somewhat dissatisfied.” None said they were satisfied. Many respondents said they were unhappy with the management style of the department’s command staff.

“Despite the issues outlined in the survey, we are confident that the level of service provided to the community has not diminished.” Tuesday’s statement said. “We are all proud to serve this community and are committed to providing it exceptional service.

“Notwithstanding this setback, we are committed to working through these issues together.”

From The Monterey Herald

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