Due Process Requires Pre-Discipline Hearing Even If Appeal Rights Exist

A common misperception is that if an employee has access to a meaningful post-discipline appeal, the employer need not grant the employee a pre-disciplinary hearing. As the Village of Minerva Park, Ohio recently discovered in federal court litigation, the Supreme Court’s decision in Loudermill v. Cleveland Board of Education requires pre-disciplinary hearings in all cases […]

Temporary Impairments Can Be Covered By ADA

It has long been thought that the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) provides protection only to employees with permanent injuries. In a significant private sector case, the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upended that paradigm, and found that the ADA could apply also to temporary impairments. The case involved Carl Summers, a senior analyst […]

DC Police Telling Officers Over 64 To Retire or Be Fired

WASHINGTON, DC &#8211 About 20 D.C. police officers who are already older than 64 or who will turn 64 this year have received notice they must retire or they could possibly be fired, WNEW has confirmed. Fraternal Order of Police lawyers are investigating whether officers can be forced into retirement in this manner. FOP chairman-elect […]

Court Says Montgomery County Violated Law In Campaign To Roll Back Police Union Rights

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD &#8211 Montgomery County officials violated Maryland election law by using public funds and employees on county time to campaign in support of the 2012 ballot proposition that eliminated certain collective bargaining rights for police, a state circuit court judge has ruled. But the court declined to hold the key officials in the […]

Pittsburgh Police Union Appeals Judge’s Special Detail Decision

PITTSBURGH, PA &#8211 The union representing Pittsburgh police officers on Thursday appealed an Allegheny County judge’s decision that the city does not have to pay on-duty police officers the same rate as off-duty officers when working side-by-side at special events. Common Pleas Judge Robert Colville on March 11 reversed arbitrator Philip W. Parkinson decision siding […]

Miami Police Officers Stage Another Pay Protest

MIAMI, FL &#8211 A handful of Miami police officers staged another protest Thursday morning, wearing white shirts with black text that read “Restore Our Benefits” on the front and “Low Pay, Low Morale” on the back. They marched from Peacock Park in Coconut Grove to Miami City Hall. Police union representatives from other districts were […]